Watch the quick video to save on a great Cabernet

October 13, 2011


The craziness continues with a new Video Coupon. Watch the short clip and Jim will tell you how to save $5.00 on a bottle of excellent Cabernet.


Watch the video to find a huge discount on a great Cabernet

October 12, 2011

Jim is back with another Video Coupon. This time the craziness continues with a huge discount on an excellent Cabernet.

Get Ready for Wine on the Water Cruise ll

June 3, 2011

Jim has information on the upcoming Wine on the Water Cruise 2. Tickets go fast so be sure to get yours soon.

Buy One, Get One. It’s Simple.

May 12, 2011

This week’s video coupon deal is amazing! Jim keeps the humor rolling and explains how to get a¬†FREE bottle of wine worth $19.99 or $12.99.

Watch the video to save on wine

April 28, 2011

In this short video, Jim expains why a temper tantrum is actually a good thing. He also has a great deal with this week’s video coupon. Watch and save.

Watch our short video to save big in the store

April 15, 2011

Jim keeps the humor rolling in this short, 2 min. video where he tells you how to save $4.00 per bottle on a great Zinfandel and Primitivo.

March 10, 2011

Watch this hilarious video of what Jim will go through to bring you a great deal on Cannonball wines.